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05-30-2012, 08:55 PM
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Only when you watch the Finals do you really want it

Listening to that crowd in NJ really gets me down about not making it to at least the Stanley Finals.

Also the more i think about it i see this as a huge opportunity missed. I say this because the way i look at it is are the Rangers better than us? Hell no. Are the Devils better than us? Maybe/maybe not and i think we match up well with their current roster.

My feelings are if we'd won against the Rangers then i couldn't see the Devils taking us in 7.

When you look at the West champs, yes i know the Kings took out the best but you'd have to say so would have the Caps if they'd knocked off the Bruins, Rangers and Devils so it would be anyone's game.

I know it's alot of IF's but we were a puck bounce or two from this being the reality. Not sure if we get a chance this good in the future but i hope i'm wrong because this team changed my view on them in the post season with regards to mental strength.

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