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05-30-2012, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
In my honest opinion, BC needs to trade up.

Getting mediocre talent is not going to get us out of the basement and into contending.

I really think Cleveland could be the target to trade up. I think ideally they want a SG or SF to help out Kyrie. Dropping down 4 spots still does that for them(as one or all of Lamb, Barnes or Perry Jones will be there), and they don't have to take a flyer on a guy like Drummond who has big potential but also big bust ability.

We trade up, we take hopefully Robinson and pair him with Valanciunas and finally have a front court that we can build upon to compete.
ideally we want a SG/SF too. Well, really ideally we want a top flight PG, but there are none of those in this draft. This team needs someone who can score the ball from the backcourt and take some of the pressure off of DeRozan until he figures his **** out.


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