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05-30-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
My track record? I was trashing maryanne all last summer saying he'd be useless once his time and space was taken away and that he'd never get his pristine hands dirty.
Guess I hit that one out of the park!

I'll go on record saying the Del Zotto will never reach his high potential because he lacks a brain! Tune in for the results of that one.

When we signed Richards and posters around here were saying,"pencil him in for 90 points" last July I went on record stating that "who the hell is he going to pass to? And that he is anything but an elite player. Touchee!

I've also stated many times that Staal has maxed out his ability and would be passed by Mcdonagh as our best d-man! Gotta admit I nailed that one!

Now, what gems do you have to add here or are you a monday morning armchair quarterback?
There's one thing being realistic. You're being a huge downer. Dz is volatile. Doesn't mean he lacks a brain. He made good plays all year. Staal had a concussion. You think a player comes back 100 pct in the same season...? No. Staal is gonna be just fine. Maybe Mactruck will be better. Who knows.

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