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05-30-2012, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by periferal View Post
I'm not talking about spending money. I'm talking about making good decisions.

Dan Snyder spends all the money in the world. How have the Redskins done with him as owner?

You're telling me wang gets his arena/development with lots more revenue streams so he can now spend freely and you trust him to make the decisions to lead us to a Stanley Cup?
  • The same Wang who REFUSED to fire Mike Milbury?
  • The same Wang who looked into getting sumo wrestlers for goalies?
  • The same Wang who hired Neil Smith for 40 days...And replaced him with a backup goalie with zero front office experience?
  • The same guy who forced Milbury's hand to trade Chara and the #2 pick (Spezza) for Alexei Yashin...And then gave him a 10 year deal?
  • The same Wang who didn't learn from that mistake and then gave DiPietro a 15 year deal?
  • The same Wang who ushered out Billy Jaffe for a guy who cannot pronounce the names of his own players?
  • The same Wang who refuses to talk to Queens despite Nassau essentially spitting in his face?

Money has little to do with the big picture here, which is that Wang has PROVEN himself to be inept as an NHL owner and more money from a new arena won't all of a sudden make him a competent one. Money (lack of new arena) is just a shield Wang, along with so many Isles' fans, can hide behind now so we all don't have to face the sad sad sad fact that...

...With Wang as owner we have no hope of being a true Stanley Cup contender.
Pretty much. The Yashin & Ricky contracts alone make him the worst owner since Ballard. His contempt for the fan base draws him even closer to Ballard. His complete disdain for the majority of players and coddling of select butt kissing players makes me pause to wonder if Harold had an American ego-maniacal computer nerd for a cousin.

Meanwhile he is "rebuilding." This isn't a rebuild, it is a cheap-out painted to look like a rebuild.

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