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Originally Posted by GaBorat View Post
The main reason why I think Nash for Gaborik would be a good idea is fit.

Gaborik is a great player. Everyone knows that. Sure, he had a rough playoffs, but honestly very few players have his scoring ability - even with Nash its doubtful.

However, Nash suits our game and system way more.
First, Gaborik's main asset is his speed and his shot when he has space. He doesn't really create space. He has a poor one on one game and is fast, but generally he is only fast going forward (great break away speed). He is average on the boards, and ok defensively.

Nash on the other hand I feel has a better wrister than Gabby (Gabby's snapshot is bar-none his best asset). Nash also is way better on the wall (Jagresque), and has an amazing one on one game, which we really lack.

It would really add an additional dimension to our attack.

The real benefit to adding Nash & Parise is the diversity in style it adds.
Both will add goals but in different ways. Nash creates a lot of more creativity and game breaking ability. Parise will make us very annoying to play against.

I love Gaborik, but I'm aware enough to know that he is not optimal for this system.
Good post, pretty much my exact same feelings. Its not so much Gabs fault as it is he got unlucky the way Torts built his system. When Gabs was acquired, they had no identity. How the hell was he supposed to know we would become what we became?

But realistically, I don't think we are going to get Nash but make a shot at Parise. If Parise falls through, then we will go after a guy like Clowe.

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