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05-31-2012, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
I can see why at first glance they might think it's a shank or fan, but looking at the replay it's obvious that isn't the case. He got a ton on that one, and he meant to put it there. The puck isn't going along the ice, it's a good 3 inches off and rising. He outwaited Marty, plain and simple.
No, it's obvious that it's a shank, which is why both networks filled with former players covering the game called it that. It doesn't matter, the Kings won. Just commenting on the play and what happened. As I said, if you've ever played the game, the high follow-through gives away exactly what Kopitar intended to do with the shot.

Originally Posted by TruKingFan View Post
Call it a shank, flank, skank, whatever you want - the fact is if that was Parise, it'd be a thing of beauty. Scoreboard baby - but at least you know that.
Wow. Oh-kayyyy then. Well, I'm a reasonable poster and was just giving an actual hockey account for why all the former NHL players who currently work for and are paid by multiple television networks as analysts were saying that Kopitar shanked it.

And no, were Parise to have fanned an OT winner into the net, I'd be just as happy were it to have been the goal of the century, as the result is the same.

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