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11-25-2003, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by WuRtZLeSs
It's Vokoun's fault for not clearing the crease?

I understand that's not what you meant, and while I agree it's not all the defense, but quite frankly Vokoun should be blamed very little, not even half of the blame lies on his shoulders. The fact is even if Vokoun gives up a rebound, and he has given up quite a few lately (which may or may not be his fault, goalies give up rebounds) the fact of the matter is it's the defenseman's job to clear that rebound, he can't watch someone take the rebound and score and then turn to Vokoun and go "Why'd you give up the rebound?". The most a goaltender can do on some shots is to try and steer the rebound into a corner. Goaltenders give up rebounds, it's one of the jobs of a defenseman to clear them and prevent another scoring opportunity, granted it doesn't help when Vokoun lets them right out in the slot - but you halfta' admit when someone scores on a rebound, chances are a defenseman got physically beat.

There's no excuse for defensemen who aren't playing defense - not even "he has a rocket of a shot" *cough* Delmore *cough* *cough*
Oh, I agree with that but Vokoun has been putting them right out in the slot sometimes high enough to take the defenseman out of the equation. All I'm saying is both are at fault. You guys are taking it like I'm just defending the defense, when all I'm doing is saying the blame needs to be shared. Like the other night against the Ducks, Vokoun not only left juicey rebounds he had no idea where the rebounds were .

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