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11-25-2003, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitual
If I recall correctly, there was some team executive who blasted his team for playing poorly and saying something to the effect of:"Why would I try to trade anyone? They're not worth being traded (becasue they are bad)." Something like that. I would much rather have a GM like that, to light a fire under the pants of the players, than to have a GM instill some false sense of security in players who are underachievers. This is why I have not been impressed by BG as a GM so far.
So, what you're saying, in essence, is that you want Gainey to berate the very players he wants to trade, thereby lowering the trade value and allowing himself the opportunity of getting even less in return? Not a very smart ploy.

By coming out and saying he's happy, he's basically telling all the other GM's that he doesn't mind what he has. He even said that the team should probably be a few points higher than they are at the moment, and that says to the other GM's that the team might have some decent players there who might just need a change of scenery to turn up their game. Any smart GM who wants to trade players needs to create a market for that player by showing all their positives. Those GM's that continually berate players don't stay GM's very long. In fact, when you do hear a GM berating a player, it's generally because it's a player he has absolutely NO intention of trading!

Do you not see that Gainey's in a tough spot with the dearth of talent here and that, if he wants to move it and get some kind of return that's worthy, he has to create the interest himself? It's not like the media or the fans are going to help, since they spend the bulk of their time booing every move, or lack of move that's done. Therefore he *has* to come out and do these things. You want to move Rivet then you have to tell people that he has value!

And people listen to Bob Gainey. He's respected around the league. Perhaps in this instance he's working on pulling the wool down a little bit, but that's what the best GM's do!

A concerned fan.

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