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11-25-2003, 06:35 PM
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Well here's my post game thoughts, let's not be afraid to call a spade a spade, this was a piss poor showing (yet again). Pathetic how there's a bunch of losers in that team that cannot find it in themselves to AT LEAST COMPETE when they jump on the ice. I won't bother going through players one on one as they pretty much all stunk almost all night long (Theodore aside). Those 2 last periods were a real joke.

Rivet and Quintal were god awful, Souray was bad but not as much as those two and every line aside from Koivu's in the 1st and Begin's subsequently decided to take a night off. I would have been mad like crazy if I paid to go see that game. I'm going less and less at the Bell Center since a couple of years mainly for this reason, because one night out of two the players play like they just couldn't care less. They're there because they are forced to and that's it (it seems).

This team lacks leadership, size, talent, guts, character, speed, toughness... Meanwhile players WITH MOST OF THOSE ATTRIBUTES like Higgins, Gratton and Plekanec are rotting in the AHL. It's disgusting to see because in the end, we probably won't win much more with the veterans. They all know they're gone after the year and they play like they couldn't care less. That's the problem I have with this team right now. Let the young kids play and have fun on the ice and show some intensity and motivation out there, because the vets sure don't look like there's any left in them. That god damn tradition to let the kids wait in the AHL for years and play them on the 4th line even longer after that in Montreal is just ridiculous and has to be changed. I'm not saying to flat out go with a youth only lineup but I know what I saw and I strongly beleive Plekanec and Higgins are NHL ready right now, yet they don't want to rush them (it's not called rushing at this point, it's called rotting).

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