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05-31-2012, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
Hey to each their own, I think he did a great job. Sure he is taller and all that but would be hard to find a guy that is less then 5"5' and 180lbs to be closer to the size. He played the surliness fine, the conflicted nature of Wolverine who is a man trying to hold the beast in at all times. I don't know I liked his take on the character.
It's not really a look thing. I just don't buy him as someone trying to "hold the beast in at all times". I don't feel he as any connection to the character. I always like it best when the actor playing the roll shares traits with the character. Personally, I think Mickey Rourke would have nailed Wolverine. Just my opinion of course. Thanks for not swinging a verbal bat at my head, beowulf LOL

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