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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
Poor Jame doesnīt like whn you disagree with him, then your a stupid head.

I like this one the best. Jame is right the crappy players get all the ice time in the NHL.
you got part of it right.

Where did i say crappy players get more ice time?

Oh wait his one example must be the norm. Just to let you know Jame there is more then one reason a player has more icetime but it usually comes down to them being better, they can handle the extra work load, they can play in all situations, SH, PP and ES. They donīt get worse as the more minutes they play like Sekera.
agreed... maybe a reason like : the team is coached by someone with a LONG history of giving his best defensive players one role, and his offensive defensemen a completely different role.

but hey, i can't explain this to someone who thinks Jaro Spacek is better then Toni Lydman because he gets paid more and scores more points.

For some silly reason Jame forgets that Defenceman can score goals too! Amazing isnīt it. It really is a stat.
Thank you for reminding me

Hey fun fact Jame did you know that Offesively gifted Defenceman are more valuable in the NHL the Defensively minded Defenceman.
James Wiesnewski and Mark Streit are more valuable then Chris Phillips and Robyn Regehr.... makes sense. Good point

How else would you explain Spacek making more money then Lydman. I know crazy right. Why would a GM give more money to an offensively gifted defenceman?
So your point of reference here is Bob Gainey's decision making? Not sure I have to make a counter argument

Well this goes back maybe before your time but we old people have an expression, you cant teach offense but you can teach defence.
it must go back pretty far...

Well that means a player like Spacek, Myers, Ehrhoff who can score, have a good shot and put points on the board are more important to have on your team thus costing you more. Now wait for it......This means that stats like Goals, Assists, PTS, GWG TOI have a huge role in determining how good a player really is. They play a much bigger role the defensive stats before you freak out i am not saying the only role just a more significant one.
we disagree... I don't care how many points you put up if you play bad defensively.

I bet you were a big Andy Delmore fan.

Jason Woolley, more valuable then Jay McKee right?

Or else the world is crazy all agents should be fired and defensive defensemen should be making more then offensive defensemen.
High end offensive defensemen are fewer and farther between then good defensive defensemen. I'm not arguing otherwise...

teams also spend stupidly in free agency. (James Wienewski, Jaro Spacek, etc)

Soak it all in, breathe and relax dont freak out. This is true, if you need something to back it up we can make a list of the two and see who makes more money. Myers is was will be and always is our best defenceman.
you can make that list... i don't think it's relevant to who had a better season this past year. nor do I think any sane person would feel bringing salary into a conversation about performance would be indicative of anything

So far, your argument is :
Myers (or was it Ehrhoff?) had a better season then Sekera because he played more minutes, scored more points, and gets paid more.

It's amazing that with such a brilliant argument you haven't won many people over....

The other bolded, see Jame has said in this post it is about Sekeraīs performance but the thread reads that Sekera is better then the other defenceman. Which one is it?
The entire thread has been about Sekera's performance last year... good job with the reading comprehension

Point number 6, how are defenceman rewarded with the most money? Your statement is clearly wrong as I can list 10 best offensive defenceman that make more then 10 best defensive defenceman. What ever your argument will be to that does not matter because the proof is in the salaries and where it counts is what the GMs and coaches think not Jame
I was unaware that what a GM decides to pay a player can be correlated to how good that players season was.

Ville Leino had a good season

I would take 6 paul coffeys over whatever defensive defenceman with no offensive skill that you would take.
I'll take 6 Scott Stevens

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