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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
On the other hand - imagine this:

Cap goes up to 66,3 in new CBA (c'mon RB - give me a break here...)
  • Prust walks cuz he want 1,7 M plus in a long term deal
  • Trade Girardi plus rights to Zuccarello plus a sweetener for B Ryan
  • Trade Michael del Zotto plus michael Rupp to Edmonton for MPS and a 2nd/3rd rounder at the draft
  • Resign John Mitchell at 750.000 for one year
  • Resign john Scott but put him on a diet, send him to Barbara for skating lessons and assign him to CT as insurance call up and too teach Big Mac a little...
  • Sign R Suter for 6,5M
  • Sign J Schultz for 2,3 M
  • Sign Z Kenopka for 900k
  • Sign Corey Sarich 2 years at 2 M
  • Sign G Jonas Gustavsson at 1 M
  • Sauer on LTIR


Bobby*Ryan ($5.100m) / Brad*Richards ($6.667m) / Marian*Gaborik ($7.500m)
Brandon*Dubinsky ($4.200m) / Artem*Anisimov ($1.875m) / Ryan*Callahan ($4.275m)
Chris*Kreider ($1.325m) / Derek*Stepan ($0.875m) / Carl*Hagelin ($0.875m)
Magnus*Paajarvi ($1.525m) / Brian*Boyle ($1.700m) / Zenon*Konopka ($0.900m)
John*Mitchell ($0.750m) /

Ryan*McDonagh ($1.300m) / Ryan*Suter ($6.500m)
Marc*Staal ($3.975m) / Justin*Schultz ($2.300m)
Tim*Erixon ($1.750m) / Cory*Sarich ($2.000m)
Stu*Bickel ($0.800m)

Henrik*Lundqvist ($6.875m)
Jonas*Gustavsson ($1.000m)

Michael*Sauer ($1.250m)

Chris*Drury ($1.667m)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $66,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $66,983,334; BONUSES: $2,725,000
CAP SPACE (22-man roster):- $683,334 (Sauer on LTIR - add $1.250m)

Is this too much turnover? Probably - and not very realistic either...
But demanded skill and speed is here...
I might have asked you this before so if you answered this question, I apologize. Why the hell is Stepan on the 3rd line in favor of Anisimov and even more disturbing, why Kreider on the 3rd line in favor Dubinsky. Kreider has more talent in his pinky than Dubinsky has in his whole body.

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