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11-25-2003, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennevol10
REX8, in your definition Leclair can be a fragile player too because he is been hurt for last few years. I hope not ... When you have shoulder or back sugery it always takes time to heal and it takes most players go back to the level they used to play... Last year Gagne had groin injury and it is one of the worst injury a hockey player can have. It never goes away... Don't tell me that he is fragile and bla bla bla... He is not a power forward and he is not a supperman either... He is human just like us... Almost every player end up having bad year excluding Wayne Grezkey and Mario... And he is not going to be next Mario or Wayne Grezkey... I am sorry to say this but I think some of people on this board can be very ignorant... By saying things like "What have you done for me lately"... Tell me what have Flyers or any Philadelphia teams done for you lately!!! So what you going to do NOW... Get rid off the teams! Make them move to another city! Please!!! People like you give bad name to Philadelphia... Fans in Philadelphia are very passionate and have great knowledge about sports excluding some ignorant fans. Unfortunately those ignorant fans make the headline news and make us (Philadelphia fans) look like heartless-ignorant human being... Patient is the virtue. In sports world people say, “Some times the best trade you can make is no trade.”
I am not ignorant.
Thanks for your opinions.
I did not say deal now, panic, etc.
I like Gags and it would take ALOT to get him.
All I said, if not clearly enough, is that he has been fragile and needs a good year or two of being healthy to show what he is truely capable of - I hope he can stay healthy.