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05-31-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by MattB43 View Post
Went to a drop-in session on sunday, was my third one I think?
I am definitely getting more comfortable quick, the biggest thing is I am getting a better idea of where to be, and how to anticipate what guys are going to do a little earlier.

I still got turned inside out a few times by one kid who is maybe 15-16 but he is GOOD. There were a couple college hockey players there and he was even making them look bad so I didn't feel too bad. I ran over one guy and bumped into one of my teammates once, but I still wasn't even the worst player out there.

Also I still haven't figured out how to stop, I think at this point I'm over-thinking it or something. I think I need to find some ice time and just practice nothing but stopping, the problem is at stick & puck sessions I get distracted and want to go shoot or something instead.
Good stuff! It's all about ice-time, skating and stickhandling are mostly muscle memory. The game knowledge and anticipation comes with playing (duh!). Especially early on, the more you play the faster you'll see improvements in your game. The challenge I'm finding is dealing with hitting plateaus. I still have plenty to work on but the improvements are more subtle and incremental than they were when I first started which is a bit frustrating at times. But then you'll see you can do something that you couldn't do before and it's pretty satisfying. Good luck!

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