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05-31-2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Railman View Post
It's because, because of it, they have ruined the only thing people even care to play Diablo games for a long time : acquiring phat lewtz. There is the PvP crowd too, but they are a small minority. Besides, there is no PvP in the game as of now and who knows whether players will actually enjoy the arena PvP that they're planning to add in the game at some point.

That's all there is to do in the game, finding items. If you make it very difficult to do so because of the auction house, and they have admitted to doing just that, then there is essentially nothing left to do. People want to farm for items, not for gold to spend on the auction house.

The game was built around the AH. The AH wasn't added for convenience, it is the core of the game. As such, they have greatly diminished the fun that players have in the game itself in order to maximise revenues from the real money AH (amusingly enough, the AH has been so broken for so long that they likely lost many thousands of potential users). It's a disgusting business practice, but one that we're seeing more of every year from the large players in the industry... it's a shame.
I'm sorry, but you can still acquire phat lewt. You might just have been unlucky, but I myself have found an upgrade over the weapon I bought on the AH a couple times, it's rare but it does happen which makes it that much more exciting. I've found other pieces of equipment that I could use, I've found legendaries, I've also found items which could sell at a premium on the AH. The excitement is still there. You can't buy every single pieces on the AH, or else you'll run out of money at one point. If you're trying real hard to convince yourself that the AH is ruining all the excitement in the game, then don't be surprised if you don't have that excitement anymore. It's still there for me.

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