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Originally Posted by rayuelo View Post
Thought I'd share a couple of things I learned about waxed laces out there.

1. The most commonly found brand in my area is "Elite Hockey" (EH). I've been buying these for my two kids for several years now. Since the girls love to switch up the color when getting new laces, we've tried white, black, yellow, red, green, and pink (there are more). What should be noted is that the some colors tend to have more wax than others to the point that the wax wears out after only 10 skates for some colors, and on others (green in particular), there is so much wax that untying and loosening the laces after a skate takes a huge effort. I've heard others say the same about the green laces as well. Whether it's related to the color or perhaps batches, there is a definite inconsistency.

2. If you can find Graf waxed laces, IMO they have the perfect amount of wax that lasts a long time. Had mine for three months on a black pair, and they're as good as new. The last pair of EH brand waxed black laces lost a lot of the wax about a month in, although the lace itself was still in good shape.
Thanks that's great info. I've had Elite red and after 3 months (about 30 skates) they're starting to loosen. Not too bad though and they was no problem with too much wax to start with them. Will definitely check out Graf - had not heard of them.

BTW, which Elite lace colors apart from black did you find wore out of wax too soon? That's a bigger issue for me than too much wax.

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