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05-31-2012, 12:39 PM
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I think the main issue is that the game lacks the replay value of D2. While a big part of D2's success came as a result of a few patches that reinvigorated the community, I don't see them putting together similar patches in D3 (at least for free, we'll see if they want to wrap it into an expansion pack).

The auction house is only one of the factors. Using gold as the only currency was a poor decision when there are few viable ways of dumping it out of the economy. As a result, you see prices of items dropping like crazy. 1 million gold a week ago doesn't buy you much compared to what 1 million gold does right now.

The economy in D2 was essentially set by the users. You had stuff like Perfect Skulls and SOJs back in classic and stuff like Pul+ runes, HRs, Perfect Amethysts/Rubies, already-crafted runewords, and more in the expansion. These are all obtainable, but they are either difficult to find or they are easily dumped out of the economy when they are used to roll something.

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If you recall, D2 wasn't a complete gear check. If you didn't have epic gear, you had certain classes/builds that you could still play perfectly well, like Hammerdin, Sorceress, or Trapasin. You wouldn't be quite as good as one with great gear, but you could play them well enough to farm for better gear.

You don't have that option in D3. Every single build of every single class is 100% gear checked. You either have to gear for inferno or you don't. If you don't, your only recourse is to buy it off the AH. A complementary problem is that the gear in D3 is so deathly boring. There isn't a single interesting stat in the whole damn game, they're all just numbers. And unless you find that perfect rare with +main stat, +vit, +all resists, it's worthless.

I haven't played in two days, and frankly I'm not sure when I'll get the urge to play again.
Exactly. That's the problem with removing skill trees. On top of the fact that everyone now has access to the same skills, everything now is gear dependent and the gear itself is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

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