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05-31-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post

The "summer salary cap" could be as high as $76M if revenues hit the $4B mark.

If the 57% Players/43% Owners split changes in the next CBA, it will be interesting to see how that change affects contracts that are already signed if a few teams sign guys to get close to the "summer cap".
If revenues were $4b, the limit would be a whopping $84,650,000 while the summer limit would be $93,115,000.
It'd also be 34% growth from 2010-11, which is pretty much impossible.

If it's 3.3b flat (Bettman only said 3.3 last night):
$59,700,000 (mid point)
$62,685,000 (mid point with 5% escalator)
$51,700,000 (floor)
$54,685,000 (floor with escalator)
$67,700,000 (ceiling)
$70,685,000 (ceiling with escalator)

Summer cap: $74,470,000 (without escalator)
$77,753,500 (with escalator)

The $3.3b number may change as HRR numbers are not close to even being preliminary yet.

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