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Originally Posted by DallasSports View Post
The economy in D2 was essentially set by the users. You had stuff like Perfect Skulls and SOJs back in classic. These are all obtainable, but they are either difficult to find or they are easily dumped out of the economy when they are used to roll something.
I will disagree with you on these points. I played D2 for two rounds. One in about 2005 for about 6 months and then another round in 2007 for about a year. In 05 (around the time of Soul Scratch and Bowazons), things worked great. 40 PSkulls was about 1 gull. 2 gulls were worth about 1 SOJ, etc. The round in 07 was horrible (around the reign of hammerdins and PVP necros as well as a ton of duping). There was almost NO WAY to break the SOJ value barrier. I could offer 1 million Pskulls or a stash full of Gulls, but you still wouldn't get an SOJ. You had to either find a godly item or buy something with cash. People either had godly accounts (SOJ+) or were newbs (no SOJs). It was very difficult to get anything worth value even playing for crazy hours.

I personally think the way D3 is using gold is a MAJOR improvement from D2. Gold was worthless and items were very hard to value compared to other items. Now, D3 ties everything together with gold. New players can save up gold to buy better items. Great accounts still can value everything based on gold as well. Much better than the later times of D2.

I do think there will be some problems though. I bet inflation is going to be killer in time and items for like 100 mil wont be out of the question. There is a constant and huge increase in the available gold everyday. The 15% from the AH is not enough to deplete the overflowing supply. I also think the RMAH is going to play a big factor as well. I don't like the idea of items being worth real money, but we'll see what happens I guess.

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