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05-31-2012, 03:15 PM
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I've read a lot of the posts regarding Suter and have a few questions about why everyone is so ticked off with him.

1. He is still our property until July 1. If before then and now he signs a contract with us, that's great, if not, he's earned the right to see what is out there in the land of unrestricted free agency. While he made a comment at the All-Star game that was not endearing to many of us fans, has any one of us lived a mistake free life when it comes to comments we make? I know I haven't so if anyone has never said anything that was wrong or has led the perfect oral lifestyle, feel free to kick Suter all you want. Yes, he should've picked a better way to handle what he said but the media has a funny way of twisting things out of proportion and looking for a hot angle to their story. At the end of the day, he has fulfilled his contractual obligations to us and has the right to do whatever he chooses to do.

2. Those saying he isn't worth upwards of $7 million a season are delusional. He is an elite defenseman entering his prime. If Kimmo was worth close to $7 million, Suter is easily worth $7 million. People don't realize how good he is because the guy rarely makes mistakes out there and that's exactly what you want from a defenseman. While people say he wants to be out from Weber's shadow, is that really true? Maybe he likes being there since he's a quiet guy and Weber has the spotlight on him. Other things to contemplate about how good he is, on the grand stage of the Olympics, he was arguably the best defenseman on the ice, in the entire tournament and he was paired with Rafalski who looked all-world, why, because he was playing with Suter. The similarities in Suter's play to what Lidstrom brought to Detroit was an easy switch for Rafalski to make. Weber played with Niedermayer so his transition was easy too. I dare say this though, you take away Suter and his puck handling from Weber and the drop off is going to be much greater than if you take Weber's physical play away from Suter. Suter is still going to mark guys like Nash and get the puck away from them pretty easily. Ever notice who had the job of skating around and finding the most skilled player on the ice? It was Suter while Weber took the front of the net to guard Rinne. You don't build a team like we have and remove one of the key pieces and not expect a drop off.

3. Drop off in the team. Sure, we've lost guys to free agency in the past and had the ability to replace them from within. Who do we have that can step in for Suter? I think Josi is ready for prime time but his injury history scares the heck out of me. If one thing is said, Suter doesn't have the durability issues Josi has had. I would even dare to say Josi has missed more games this past season and what he might have played last year than Suter has missed in his entire career here.

4. I'm not saying Suter is staying but if he really truly wanted out, why is even bothering with seeing Poile? There would be no point to seeing Poile if he was truly gone. Not saying he's coming back either but if he were out the door and was saying adios, he would just say to Poile, I'm going to free agency, thanks for the effort and great times here but I'm gone. Maybe he's meeting with Poile to say hey, I'm heading to free agency and maybe we can still work something out. The fact that it sounds like multiple meetings were set sounds better than worse to me.

5. For all the harsh talk people are throwing at Suter, why does he get the garbage treatment when a guy like Rads bolted on his contract, the team gives him an olive branch and says you can play 9 games to finish out your ELC and then he violates team policies during the playoffs. You want to talk about major character flaws, that's them. I love Rads and want him here but not if he's going to act like that. Suter made one bad comment but we're ready to run him out of town. Rads screwed the team over on multiple occasions and people are like, whatever. So we're mad at a guy for one stupid comment but played his butt off for us over the last 9 years and we're gonna give Rads the shrug of the shoulders? I fail to see the logic in any of that.

People can say what they want about Suter but I'm sure glad he was here and hope he's back because I think we're a better team with him then without him. If we fill his money slot with a forward of some sort, it's not going to make up for the loss we'll feel on the back end.

Suter wants to be on a consistent winner and while we've made the playoffs, have we done enough to say to him, stick with us, we're right there on the verge? That's up for debate and that's something Poile has to convince him of. Poile went out and made moves to better the club and I think Suter saw that, was it enough for him is the question.

I think there are a few things that bode well for us, Nashville is a great family place which he has stated is important for him and his family. He and Weber being tight is another positive. They have formed an elite pairing and going anywhere else isn't going to match what they have on the ice together. We have a young core that should only get better. Teams that may covet him are either aging, have a smaller window of opportunity or no cap space to really make the move.

Until I hear otherwise, I'll keep my opinion of what Suter does to myself but I'm certainly not going to lambast a guy who hasn't signed elsewhere at this point but even if he does, he has earned that right. Imagine us as professionals who have gone to college only to be told, you can only work in certain places. Would that be fair to us? No. The system is set up the way it is. He played by the rules. We took a chance and went all in and we decided to keep him at the deadline. These are the decisions our management made. Suter now has decisions he has to make. Why be mad at someone because he's earned the right to do something to possibly better his chance at winning and be in a place where he and his family feel at home?

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