Thread: Confirmed with Link: Farewell Zuke! (Signs with KHL)
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05-31-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Dont turn that Euro comment into some sort of race-bait or something like that. It is not hard to do as it is very derogatory. Firstly, Europe is not a country. It is 49 seperate countries. Generalizing like this is hmmm, not kosher. But being judgmental like this is also very irritating to hear as it is so narrow minded and kind of puts you in the firing line. I have lived half my 49 year life in North America (US and Canada) and half in Europe (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Norway, Germany and Poland). Also a brief stint in Asia. Played hockey both in NA and Europe to elite junior level.

But, honestly, North American hockey is more rugged and gritty. The NHL is and always will be that way too. So, to talk about how blocking shots and board play shouldnt matter/isn't "real hockey" is the ignorant thing to say here. Agreed

And, sure enough, whenever a comment like that is made, its from a person who is used to watching hockey be played on a larger rink that have next to no knowledge regarding what it takes to be successful at the NHL level. You are probably right. But be the better man and say something else not bringing nationality or continental origin, cuz it really is not the issue...

If you're not a well-rounded player, and only depend on offensive skill, you better damn be uber-talented in one of those offensive areas. Skating, shot, stick handling, vision, whatever. Zuccarello, while skilled, isnt an extraordinarily talent in any of those areas. Vision, hockey sense and passing were all top class IMO. The rest I can agree with. I personally think Zuke could have injected more positive things in our lineup - but he did not get the amount of ice time to prove it. ESP PP. But IMO it is a small issue and most likely would have had no effect on the final outcome of the season whatsoever.

And thats why hes headed back to Europe. True dat, but let's see if he gets traded first. 10% chance IMO.

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