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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
REGULAR SEASON PRODUCTION means nothing. We had more goals than the Canucks, are we a better team offensively than them? We have far too many soft, small players who can't cut it in playoff hockey. I'll give the ELC guys like Stepan, Hags, Del Zotto a pass for now but what about Maryanne and Richards?
Did the NHL suddenly stop seeding the playoffs by regular season performance? I didn't think so. You play well in the regular season and it helps your team win. You win enough games and you make the playoffs. If you don't play well in the regular season, chances are you miss the playoffs. Pretty simple.

You see, when you're making ridiculous claims, it's easy to point out the holes in your stance. You just said the regular season doesn't matter, so by using your own logic, yes, we are a better offensive team than the Canucks. However, that is clearly not the case in reality, but it's pretty apparent that reality only suits you when it fits your agenda.

We had four players on the entire roster that are under 6' tall and appeared in the post-season. We led the playoffs in hits. Nobody outside of this delusional fan base would ever confuse this team as "soft."

Oh please. You've been harping about "Del Zaster" for weeks now. To say you're giving him a pass is about as genuine as me saying I take any of your sensationalism seriously.

Richards is a Conn Smythe winner. A Cup winner. He's nearly a point per game player in the post-season. He led our team in scoring in the playoffs. On what planet is he really a problem?

Gaborik had a mediocre showing, but he also had about half a dozen opportunities to add more points to the team. He also scored a huge goal for us in the Caps series. In his first playoff run with us, he was our only offensive weapon. Now he's one of two offensive weapons. As the rest of our roster grows, so will his space on the ice.

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