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05-31-2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Stauffenberg View Post
I would like to comment that the the google translation of the article in Norwegian Nettavisen has some inaccuracies in wording etc. So if you get offended by certain words then you need to remember that the translator can have chosen worse words than he said in Norwegian.

The essence of the interview is that MZA feels he's good enough to play in NHL, but Tort doesn't trust his abilities enough to use him. He says he wants to be a Ranger and in the NHL, but he needs to play to develop as a player. He feels he hasn't been treated very well by Tort. He knows Sather is eager to keep him, but MZA knows Sather doesn't decide who will play or not.

What MZA says is just the same as everybody else has written on the forum for months. You can read between the lines that MZA feels he has waited long enough and if he doesn't get a chance to play in NHL then he has to look elsewhere. What's wrong about feeling like that? We can all agree that hockey players don't improve by playing in the AHL for a long time. MZA has been there for a year and has proven there he's good enough being in a better league than AHL.

I believe MZA won't get a regular place in NYR as long as Tort is the coach. Magnitogorsk knew that MZA could be available and contacted MZA's manager while he was injured. They stayed away while NYR was still in the playoff and MZA was almost recovered. Once the season had ended for NYR they contacted Ryman again trying to get a deal. What they got was not a signature from MZA, but a deal where Magnitogorsk would be the team MZA would go to if his career in NHL is over. Magnitogorsk know that MZA can still remain in NHL. What they got is that they have first choice if he returns to Europe.

Some claim that he didn't show loyalty by not turning down an offer from Magnitogorsk. What should he have done when a good KHL team contacts his manager. KHL could be his way out if his NHL future is over. MZA doesn't know what NYR will offer him. He probably suspects he won't get a one way offer. So he keeps all possibilities open by not rejecting the interest from Magnitogorsk, but at the same time says to them that he prefers to play in NHL. This way he has both options open.

At the same time the interest from KHL sends a signal to NYR that unless they give a decent offer to MZA they might lose him to Europe, thus leaving them nothing at all for him. So if NYR wants something for MZA they need to trade him to another NHL team. The ball is in the hands of NYR. If they end up with nothing for MZA they can only blame themselves for not wanting to trade him. I don't feel sorry for NYR. They have not appreciated MZA's skills and then they just have to accept they lose him.

I really don't understand the hype about NHL being the only series you can play in. You're not a failure if you play in KHL instead of the NHL. NHL is a very good series with many great teams, but it's not the only place they know how to play hockey. If you look at the Olympics and World Championships you don't see USA and Canada dominating. The best team now is Russia. Canada can sometimes fight for the championship, but USA rarely play in the final. I know the best Canadian / US players are still in the playoff, but that be said about Swedish, Finnish and Russian players too.

So I think MZA should go where he gets a chance to play regularly. He needs it to develop further. If it can happen in NHL with a team, then it's good, but if it's in the KHL instead then it's not bad either.

I hope MZA leaves NYR and gets a shot in another NHL team. One reason is how many NYR fans feel about him. If they think he sucks in playing, is too small, not loyal etc. then he shouldn't waste his skills in NYR. His best revenge could be going to e. g. Detroit Red Wings and score the deciding goal against NYR in next year's play-off.

To all of you saying that MZA isn't good enough for NYR then what loss is it if he's leaving? Isn't it better to just ignore him and let him go. If you get angry at him possibly leaving then you're actually showing that you rather saw him staying in NYR because he's an asset the team can benefit from.

Shouldn't the NYR fans rather be angry at Tort for not using the skills of MZA or at least for not getting someone good in return for him.
When Zuke leaves his whole contingency of patriotic "NYR fans" will be gone with him too - I presume. Not really rooting for The Rangers it seems for the most part, just fanatically following one player. Kinda funny actually...

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