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Originally Posted by Rubber Biscuit View Post
So what exactly happens at "Stick and Puck" sessions? Apparently my local rink now has a weekly "Puck Shoot Event" that I'm assuming is where they'll put the nets out, you bring your equipment and you can practice shooting, skating, stick handling etc. But will there be people who set up a pick up game or something? Or will it just be chaos with people shooting all over and doing all kinds of different things?

EDIT: Obviously it'll vary from rink to rink as far as what it's like, but really I just want to see what different experiences people have at these kinds of things and whether or not it's worth it for me to buy the gear and start going to these before I join a league.
typically stick and puck sessions expressly say no scrimmaging. As you thought it's just for practicing skills etc. Now they won't mind if people work on some passing but in my experience, scrimmaging is verboten

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