Thread: Confirmed with Link: Farewell Zuke! (Signs with KHL)
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05-31-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
I thought I clearly said that defense is important in most sports. That doesn't mean defense is the only thing important in most sports. Maybe we should just put super pads on all 6 players and stack them all in front of the goal until it is impossible to put a puck in the net unless there is interference? That would be a super defense. Is there any rule against playing 6 goalies as long as only 1 is allowed to freeze the puck in the crease?

When a team wins 10-2 instead of 2-1 they must have played bad defense. I see your logic...oh wait no I don't. lol.
Don't you understand? This team doesn't have the TALENT to win like that. When Torts coached in Tampa, he had much better young offensive talent. He ran a more open system, even in the dead puck era. I guarantee you, we get some actual talent, our system will change. I hate the collapsing crap too, I want them to pressure the point, but on offense, the players are clueless what to do. There's no one in front of the net. But hey, we gave the Devils 10 odd man rushes a game. That was fun, right? Oh wait, it sucked big horse ass.

Midget Mats, who apparently has a big ego to boot, is NOT GOING TO FIX OUR PROBLEM. Get over this guy already.

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