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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
Was watching local news here and they mentioned as an aside that I'll Have Another was almost run over by a runaway horse. Good to see he's alright
Better than stepping on a safety pin (Bid reference).

Edit: The DRF has an article about this, too:

Triple Crown near-misses: Spectacular Bid, 1979
Which is why it remains farfetched to this day to believe that the penetration of a safety pin into the frog of a hoof on the morning of the race may have compromised such a winning machine, as was suggested later by Spectacular Bid’s trainer, Bud Delp. Anyway, it was impossible to test Delp’s thesis, even in retrospect, since his 19-year-old jockey, Ronnie Franklin, insisted on sending Spectacular Bid running freely down the Belmont backstretch after longshot Gallant Best before fading to third behind victorious Coastal.

Depending on when you asked, Delp had a variety of answers for the defeat. In the immediate aftermath of the race, as reported by William Leggett in Sports Illustrated, Delp said, “Ronnie rode him good. . . . The horse just ran out of gas.”

Delp was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2002 and died in 2006, but not before he trotted out a few more versions of what happened in the 1979 Belmont to the colt he liked to call “the best horse who ever looked through a bridle.”

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