Thread: Confirmed with Link: Farewell Zuke! (Signs with KHL)
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05-31-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Glennsoe View Post
But that's just my humble opinion and hey what do I know - I'm just the guy that survived on 90 mins of sleep most game nights. You see, some people had to go to work after every game.
Now, that didn't sound very humble at all, did it

I think the anti zooks crowd wouldn't be as active if the pro zuke crowd was a bit less enthusiastic. One thing is wanting him to play, but you've had guys cheering for the Rangers to lose or even for other players to get hurt, so that Z would get to play. It shouldn't be a shock that some find that offensive.

I get Zuccarellos frustration. He wants to play hockey, he wants to play at the highest level and he feels he's good enough. I think he's probably right, and he probably should have had another shot a lot sooner than he got it. I think what he showed when he came back, was that he probably is NHL ready.

Talk of 80+ points, how he should play on our first line and how he's better than half the forwards who played doesn't make any sense, however. I still think he could have had a role on the team. During his short stint he added plenty of creativity, something this team needs - without moving away from the hard working, shot blocking, never say die mentality.

It looks like he will leave. It won't mean the difference of a cup or no cup next season by any means, but I do think it's a shame. He brought something and the interest generated in Norway has been great for the sport over here. And as some have stated, his leaving will probably mean a few less Norwegian fans. Some will stick though.

I for one grew up a fan of the NHL and the NYR - as I'm sure many of my fellow Norwegians did, but I'm not going to hide that Zuccarellos emergance rejuvenated my interest. i probably went from watching 5-10 games a year the years before he joined, to watching all of them. At first to keep an eye on Zook, but after a while I fell in love with the team. And their mentality.

Call it a six goalie system, boring or whatever you like. Seeing these guys work their ***** off for one another, seeing our captain block a mean slapper from Chara and get injured, seeing them give it their all and work as group more than most other teams in sports, to me that's hockey. The fancy pass and dangle belong there too, but I'd take true heart over true skill any day.

I hope the little guy stays the course, comes back and gives them one hell of a camp. I hope he earns that spot on the third RW. I still think he has a chance to make it with this club.

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