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05-31-2012, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by PanthersHockey1 View Post
Never Satisfied? Will you not give this team an ounce of credit? Nor our rookie coach? Come on now. Surely the devils are playing better now but this panthers team was excellent all series long. The only reason we lost this series was the first 10 minutes of game 1. Other than that our pp was outstanding, our goaltending was astounding, defense was terrific, and everyone contributed on offense.

I find it hypocritical that you say the better team and the better coach Luckily won.
i've said it before but let me be clear - i'm completely satisfied with this season. i think a playoff berth and 7 game series was more than expected.

looking at things objectively, discussing weaknesses and where we need to improve is unacceptable? we didn't lose that series because of the first 10 minutes of game 1. had we played better at the start, the series would've taken a different shape and would've been a different beast. anyhow, we played poorly to start other games in the series as well. it was just a wonky series where neither team was at their best (we were far from excellent). either team, as a result, would've been lucky to move on. as it was, the better of the teams (on paper) won the series. i happen to think they were the better coached team and i base that not only on their team play and compete level (better than us overall in the series but not by a wide margin) but on the fact they weren't being penalized for too many men, giving up big goals on bad changes or making the same coverage mistakes on defense they made all season long.

just because i'm looking at the season critically now, doesn't mean i'm not satisfied. well, i'll admit i was critical during the season some as well but in my opinion, it was justified. sure, tallon is talking a good "satisfied" game now but behind closed doors, with dineen and staff, do you think he's kicking his feet up and smoking cigars? he's not taking any pride in the fact we lost in 7 to the devils because he knows we weren't good enough and didn't play well enough. and he's thinking about how he can change that.

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