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05-31-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
The only more positionally sound defenseman in this era than KJ was Lids - and he brought offense. Lots of it.

Looking at your first point, Yzerman was the guy (Tavares) and the club was mired in the "Dead Wings" era. Ilitch bought the club and ran it and saw attendance numbers like 3,000 sold (in an 18,000 arena) and swore he'd never be a Mottau/Rolston signer. He nabbed our gem (Jimmy Devellano) and sought TOP GUYS (guys with six years in business studies, not just four) and demanded the Wings scouted, drafted, retained and rewarded the best guys they could. They went heavy Russian (us older guys remember the KLM line coming to N.A.) and Swedish and got well mixed pools of talent and their scouting was top notch.

So Stevy Y had it in him but he'd be Dino or Dionne in a permanent wasteland without the owner ensuring his team would be winning.

So Tavares better work on his Jedi nuances and get Wang to give a ****.

But if we DID have the ownership.......I like the comparison. I hope we can luck out and find a gem like Lids. I'd hope the culture on LI has us (and we have VERY loyal guys) in some realm of where Detroit has been for almost two and a half decades.
Hear, hear. In a perfect world, upon moving abroad this fall, I'll become a DJ/producer as prolific as Fatboy Slim, whereupon I'll form an ownership group, buy the team, find a new GM, make Snow an assistant GM, hire Haviland from Chicago and ride the big, blue & orange party train to Valhalla and shoot for the fifth stripe.

It's fun to dream.

Dreams aside, here's hoping Snow offers Justin Schultz the $5.4M most competing teams can't, make the #4 pick and some prospects available for the right package and start the process yesterday.

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