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05-31-2012, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
The NHL owners have to work with what they have. The biggest portion of their pie is made up of gate revenues. If the big boys don't want to share their gate revenues then there will be contraction. I think initially down to around 24 teams, unless they can move a few to Canadian cities where gate revenues might be better, but there are only so many markets in Canada with large enough populations to support a NHL team.

Point is for the NHL to be healthy, there shouldn't be an NHL team that loses money either. At least not if you want to have a 30 team league.

BTW, I am fine with contraction down to something like 24 teams, but I doubt that the players want to lose 120 NHL jobs and even more in the minors.
revenue sharing is key. But at the same time, I can understand why big market teams hate it. They work hard for what they get, then they have to share it with some team who doesn't manage their team well? Or a team who doesn't put in a lick for marketing and just lives off the shared profits?

Another thing I'd like to be in the CBA. Money in contracts must be distributed evenly throughout duration of the contract. If they say 7 years $49 mil, then that's $7 a year. I don't mind the long terms, I just don't like the obvious circumventions.

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