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11-25-2003, 07:34 PM
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It's pathetic

We've seen this team try to win hockey games and get into the post season for the past 2 years. Those guys they just can't get it done. We made it once because our goaltender pulled off the best goalie performance in a single season I have ever seen and he came out of it with a Hart and Vezina. That's the only single reason that we could have some success with those players over the past 2 years.

Yet .. Gainey thinks we are a playoffs team ? That we just aren't playing hard enough ? We had 2 different coaches, 2 differente GMs. No one could make those guys play constistently from games to games.

There's no use showcasing them no one want these guys. They are either too old, too soft, not skilled enough or greatly overpaid. Some of them are even all of those things. Whatever Bob Gainey says, whatever he does Donald Audette remains Donald Audette. He still has the same stupid contract. Ditto for Perreault (minus the stupid contract, as he is UFA next year), Rivet and Juneau. Their faces would be on the season tickets that they wouldn't be worth more or less. He could ask stone cutters to create gigantic statues of Rivet, Juneau and Audette and put them in front of the bell Center while praising their skills and effort every nights that their value wouldn't be better either. If they haven't been traded yet it's because they are either untradable or are still in the plans.

Right now we're playing bad hockey. We're 2 games under .500 thanx to a miraculous start where we faced teams that were either rusty or not willing to play. It's 02-03 all over again save that we are about 2-3-4 pts under last year record after the same number of games. And we all know how good it got after december last year. Bob Gainey can believe all he wants that it is gonna get better I think he's dreaming.

We're playing boring hockey. We have difficulties scorings goals. We aren't very physical. We aren't committed. It's a rare event where we see all the players showing up on a given day. Let's not kid ourselves we have a system that is not particularly exciting to watch.

So we play boring hockey. We play bad hockey. We play veterans that have led us nowhere over the last 3 years (beside the 01-02 anomaly). 21 games this year + the last 2 years are enough evidences to show that the current team just can't achieve success.

So if that's the conclusion Gainey reached I have no choice but to question one out of two things : his honesty or his judgement. Right now I chose to question his honesty. Of course he can't go out saying we're not a playoffs team can he ?

So is waiting for this year to end breaking in only the minimum amount of prospects possible the only solution Gainey has ? I'd rather think there are other options. I'm sure a guy like Rivet could be moved. He really wouldn't be a big loss. I'm sure Perreault has some value. That someone might want him somewhere. Some people are going to say : but what do we do if Koivu or Ribs injure themselves ? My answer : WHO CARES ! Bring up the kids in that SO unfortunate event. It's not like we're a great hockey team competing for the cup this year.

End of rant ...

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