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05-31-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Noori View Post
With Iginla, you know what you're getting, for another two or three years maybe. Last year was the first year I found myself saying 'Iginla's lost a step.' And it's true. His usual March romp was nowhere to be found. I don't place that blame on Jarome, because the team has not supplied him with anyone to support him. But he has lost a step, if only a small one.

You know you're getting a good asset when you're giving up something of value. If you're getting assets that are second-tier college FAs, a player who couldn't make it on the Islanders roster, another who couldn't make on Winnipeg's AHL team, you know you're not getting anything of too much value (barring a massive development spike).

I'm talking about guys who are on trend to make it to the NHL, not reclamation projects and players with low-ceilings.
But when projected high ceiling prospects have such low probabilities of making the NHL, and when low-ceiling prospects end up making the NHL, we can throw the black & white book right out the window. So again, how do we know we're getting a good asset?

I know this game isn't a science. And I truly believe the blow'em up vs. keep-on-trucking debate is no different than the socialism vs. capitalism debate or the athiest vs. deism, except that hockey has less impact and meaning. Why? Nobody can prove their winning model is better or works. But I, like you, will defend my model.

I personally don't want to go through what the Oilers have been/will be going through unless we have to. We were right at the edge of the playoffs for three straight years, and during which, we had some questionable coaching and management. I think we can build a new core while trying to continually compete, and that sounds more enjoyable than accepting consecutive written off seasons with hopes that cup competing comes sooner than later. Not only that, but I would like our new core (when drafted) to get used to winning games and developed right, rather than thrown to the wolves.

What your proposing, however, is a reason for me to watch more basketball until this team finds the end of the rainbow. Likewise, our prospects are sooo bad (relatively) that I truly believe a complete blow up of players over 30 yrs old will result in a very long period of me watching basketball. I don't want to see Beartschi carry an AHL team while hoping future 1st round picks pan out. I've seen it before with the Flames and it didn't watch much hockey again until 2004. But maybe it's different now in a cap world, but only time will tell.

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