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11-25-2003, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
What else would I be counting, every team he coached had amazing talent, usually those teams only goals are to win the cup.
Bruins were a one line team pretty much the whole time Burns was there. I'd hardly call this amazing talent:

Darren Van Impe
Landon Wilson
Byron Dafoe
Mattias Timander
Dean Malkoc
Cameron Mann
Dean Chynoweth
Randy Robitaille
Kirk Nielsen
Mike Sullivan (current Bruins head coach)
Peter Ferraro
Chris Taylor
Ken Belanger
Antti Laaksonen
Andre Savage
Peter Nordstrom
Jonathan Girard
Dennis Vaske
Terry Virtue
Jay Henderson
Marquis Mathieu
Steve Heinze
Joe Murphy (waged mutiny on the team a la Mike Danton - was suspended indefinately and then released from the team outright after all his ridiculous antics which totally disrupted team chemistry. The guy came to Boston on the heels of claiming the Rangers GM sawed his sticks in half and threw his skates into the Hudson River for christ sakes)
Marty McSorley - responsible for the ugliest high stick incident in eons from the B's when he lit into Donald Brashear the way he did.
Sean Pronger
Aaron Downey
Johnathan Aitken
Jeff Zehr
Paul Coffey - absolutely had nothing at all to contribute in the end as a Bruin. No gas in the tank at all. The team ended up eating his way pricey contract just to buy him out.