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06-01-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Items I'd like to see in the next CBA:

1) Some type of provision restricting the amount of years/dollars distributed in "second contracts" after a players' entry level contract expires.
Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
Ummm those are all bad things for the players....why would they wanna give up any of that? Plus what is probably over a 100 mil a year (if you drop the percentage another couple of percent)?

The last one isn't the NHL's choice its the CHL's and you can assign 20 yo's to the AHL.

To me, if I'm in the room I try to get the percentage to around ~53%, but the keep the cap the same as it is this year, and the cap stays flat until the 53% number is hit then it continues rising like it was before. That way no "current" player is gonna have to give back any money and no teams are effected by a cap jumping one way or another, thus killing all planning they had.
I don't think Ziggy's 1st example is necessarily bad for the players. It doesn't change the size of the pie - just how it's cut up. If the owners say they don't want to spend huge amounts on young guys who've barely had a chance to prove themselves, when they'd rather spend it on proven vets - but they don't want to just lose a guy they've developed, the players might agree with that. It might be a case of veterans vs. young players. Who gets that slice of the pie - and who deserves it?

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