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06-01-2012, 01:28 AM
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Its unheard of for more than 2 players from a graduating class in the school to make the main team, especially the same club.

Going by the 5player protection logic, every 3 years 15 players should be replacing almost the entire roster lol. Even with a VHL team, still 5 graduates is excessive. If alot of your juniors get drafted away IMO it might be a good thing for hockey because you would start having to tap into other places. For example if the CSKA class was severely depletes, they would have to look into Moscow Sharks, and Moscow Bears junior teams for more talent, tapping into nontraditional markets.

KHL VP that 3 player protection is the ideal. Ofcource the right amount of compensation has to be installed, and not just an arbitrary number but with serious actuarial R&D. Since teams should not be demoted from raising top-notch players in their academies. IMO a team should be happy that they can get compensation for their 4th and 5th... players. That money can be put towards other things. And hey, if your that desperate, use your 1st round pick on your 4th best graduate, which I seriously doubt will be a first round choice available.

Also the protection thing is a circus as it is now. Firs of all, to the posters above, I dont think a team should be 'punished' for trying to pick a player they dont know will be protected. I dont see how that makes sense. So the team gets 5 protections and on top of that can bump 5 teams to the end of the 'que'!!?? Thats the 5 protection rule on steroids! you can protect players and get a better spot in the draft list just because someone dares to touch your class. thats sort of like a 'whole graduating class protection rule'.

I think the protection should be picked before the draft, and not available for selection, with these selections not made public so that a team can honestly choose who they want, but if they pick a player that happens to be protected, they have to pick from a different team. This way if they pick an unprotected player, good for them. The other protected ones are still not known. Also if they happen to pick a protected one, they cant pick from the same team so they cant try to uncover the rest. Seems kind of intricate, but I think its fair.

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