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Originally Posted by RonSwanson View Post
Nailed it.

Notice how the opposing fans aren't nearly as pathetic/feisty lately as they were in the first two rounds? They see us hanging around and they back off.

Yeah for sure!

For this round though, all of that "you know when the Kings are down 1-0 to us, how will they handle that" bs, lol. Then they come back with the..."why are you so sensitive to that? it could happen rite?"...yeah, 8-0 on the road...err, 9-0 on the road and we're expected to lose and have to "deal" lol.

We went from underdog (before round 1) to lucky (after round 1) to dirty (after round 2) to lucky and dirty (after round 3) to somehow underdog again (round 4)...

It would be so easy to retaliate and make a similar thread...I can see it now:
"How will the DEVILS deal with adversity"
The Kings have gone up 3-0 in every series they've played. The Devils have not been down 3 games this whole playoffs. How will the Devils handle this "adversity" for the first time?

Poll, choose only one -
o Lose the 4th game like the Blues
o Win one game then lose the 5th like the Canucks and Coyotes

*clicks on first choice*

Why don't I do it? Because I don't want to commit the same faux pas that poster did...piss off a bunch of Devils fans who didn't start anything just to try to piss off the ones who did. But it would be funny. And at least this question/poll is based on immediate history unlike theirs.

- R

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