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Originally Posted by stan the caddy View Post
Completely mixed.

If you're from NY/NJ you generally root for the Yanks because they've existed longer and have had more success. People with ties to Queens and Western LI will root for the Mets.

If you're from the 5 Boroughs you generally root for the Rangers over the Islanders. If you're from LI it's probably closer to 50-50 between the two teams.

If you're from Jersey there's a good chance you still root for the Rangers over the Devils (If you're close to NYC).

There's probably more Giants fans than Jets fans. Jets fans come from all over but there's definitely loyalty from Long Island because of their ties with Hofstra. They also played at Shea back in the day which is closer to LI.

There's only one Nets fan and he's from Russia and owns the team.
I don't think the Yankees being in NY longer has anything to do with their following. The Mets were the more popular team in this town until the mid-90's. The Yankees now have more fans as those who are about 25-26 and under grew up with the Yankees dynasty, so naturally that is going to attract fans.

Also seriously doubt the Jets playing at Shea has much of an impact on the size of their fanbase. They left Shea in 1984, I was 8 years old at the time and don't even remember them being at Shea and I don't think the Hofstra connection really mattered. I went to Hofstra and was a lifeguard at the Hofstra pool. Their facility was right next to the pool. Only twice did I see anyone from the Jets. Jumbo Elliot and another guy came into the pool to do some rehab, and once saw a bunch of them having a snowball fight. Boomer Esiason was firing snowballs at people, and let's just say, he was throwing tylenols. For the most part, except training camp in August, most people didnt even realize they were on campus.

As far as the Rangers-Isles-Devils, you are right about the geography. However, I know a bunch of Isles fans who never lived on LI, but were 8-15 years old during their run in the 80's. With the Devils, I am seeing more younger people wearing Devils stuff on SI (and more wearing Rangers). Most seem to be in the 16-25 range as they grew up with the Devils winning and the Rangers and Isles being terrible.

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