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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
When I was a kid, it was (in order) Mets, Mets, Mets, Mets, Giants, Lakers, Rangers (I'm 36). In HS it switched to Giants, Rangers, Lakers, Mets. Lost interest in the Lakers and BBall after Magic, Worthy, and Kareem retired. Tried to get back into it with Kobe and Shaq, but it wasn't the same.

Now, it is
1. Giants
1a. Rangers
3. Mets (A very distant 3rd).

Giants and Rangers, I will adjust my schedule around the games, and when necessary tivo the game and try to avoid the score until I watch. With the Mets, if I watch 10 full games in a season it is a lot.
Lol. Read this post after mine. Take away the Laker stuff and it's basically the same, although I rank the Rangers as 1 and Giants as 1a.

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