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06-01-2012, 08:57 AM
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Many people seem to confuse disagreement with thinking that the team is awful. I am very vocal in my opinions about what kind of player and team make up can help a team win the Cup and often times, recently, I have felt my vision and that of Hawks management is not aligned. Now, these people are paid to make the right call and I could very well be wrong but I could also be right.

A lot of people, I think, confuse negativity about a certain aspect of the team with negativity of the whole team. Critiscizing something does not mean that you think the entire team sucks and is lottery bound. It is more a reflection of the fact that this team is good, some times very good, but that many posters feel that management is not taking steps to make this a great team that can compete year after year for a Cup. If we are wrong, that's fine and maybe the Hawks will win the Cup again next year.

I have been a fan my entire life since my grandfather started taking me to games as a boy. Just because I have a different opinion than you doesn't make me less of a fan. Some people apparently see criticsims and think "OH BOY all these new guys think the sky is fialling" when in reality the situation is more like "This particular action doesn't leave me optimistic that we'll move from a 6 seed to a top 3 next year."

People see the game in different ways and to think that because someone sees it a different way, they're wrong, is silly and childish.

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