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06-01-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledHawkFan View Post
But it's true. Replacing Nick Boynton isn't tough.

Campbell was great and there's a reason he was making seven million per. Key piece that I wish nothing but the best for in Florida.

Brouwer had a bad playoff, understandable considering his father's poor health at the time. Outside of a solid series against the Sharks however, he was more or less invisible.

Burish is a quality fourth line energy guy that was great in the lockerroom. Certainly valuable, but far from irreplaceable.

Everyone knows I'm all about #82. His role on that cup team was to play spot minutes on the fourth line. Didn't really get his chance to prove his worth til the following season.

Sopel sucked. Have been saying it for three years now. Good riddance. Aaron Johnson would have been a better #5 then Sopel. Total warrior that left it all out on the ice, but he just wasn't a NHL caliber defenseman. He'd block three shots in a row, and then when he had the chance to clear the puck he'd make a tape to tape pass right back to the point.

Madden was another elite fourth line guy. Great signing, great mentor, great leadership. Would have loved to have had him back at a greatly reduced cost, which wasn't going to happen with our cap troubles.

Some of those pieces are nice, but outside of Cambell, all can be replaced every summer through trades/UFA without much difficulty outside of MAYBE Brouwer, and I'm not gonna prod that hornet's nest again.
i agree sopel made dumb mistakes, but even the hawks norris winning d-man ****s up with trying to clear the puck. at least this season

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