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06-01-2012, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
I have been thinking the same thing for a month at least.
The most important player the habs must draft is that big 1st line center, missing for at least 10 years.
If Grigorenko is the player the Habs want, then the most important coach for Grigorenko is ROY.
If they have had a great relationship for the last two years, it's ROY that will get the best out of Grigorenko for the Habs.
Imagine what a well motivated Grigorenko what do for the Habs. WOW.
Yeah I've been thinking about that scenario as well..

IF Roy is named coach, and Bergy can't 100% decide on let's say if it's between Gally/Grigs, and Roy pleads his case for the habs to draft Grigs saying he knows he will be something special, that might be enough to push him over the top for the habs to pick him.

Now, then again... maybe not, at all, BUT, I know Bergy will definitely be all ears and listen what Roy has to say about Grigs, no doubt about it.

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