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06-01-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
And there you go.

The day people realize that the Habs are not a hockey team, but a reality show for small minded Quebecers, the less comments like this are infuriating. No one cares about hockey, they only care about "being respected" and who hangs out with who after the practices. The actual game on the ice is a sideshow.

Sometimes I wonder if the panelists are really xenophobes, or are they saying that the typical fan is a xenophobe, and must be respected....
And I understand how it may seem like that but you're completely disregarding the cultural and historical significance of the Canadiens within the fabric of Quebec culture. And given the drama surrounding the Cunneyworth hiring, how you can possibly still think hiring an anglophone coach is a good idea for the team as a whole? It'll create an unnecessary side show. Moreover, with the possible return of the Nordiques, the Canadiens will be in a battle for the hearts and minds of Quebecers and it'll definitely help keep some fans if Quebecers can understand the words coming out of the coaches mouth. It's not xenophobia, it's a business decision more than anything else.

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