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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
I always wondered the psychological side of it to be honest.

Is it younger people trying to prove something to the older guys?

Is it younger people pissed that they're in the beer leagues when they think they should be in some kind of semi-pro league?

Or is it just older guys who realize it's just a game and all that extra crap just isn't worth it because they have families to go back to.

Obviously they're not ALL young, you still get head cases at all ages but the percentage drops down drastically. I'd say that with all the guys I've played that are under 30, about a third of them are deuchebags (it's sad really.) Out of everybody over 30, it's easily less than 1%, let's just say that out of all of them that I played with, I've only seen 2. Although it's kind of funny because I'm the youngest most places I play (I'm 23 but didn't start playing hockey until 17) and I get along much better with the older guys. Probably because they're joking around as much as I am while the younger guys take it too seriously.
Some older guys get mad at me because I play hard. Im a 22 year old rec player. I have nothing to prove to anybody, but no matter what level of play (even pickup) I'm always competing. Im not a *********, I dont even celebrate when I score. I just play hard. Some guys yell at me when they get outplayed or outworked but I dont think thats my fault

I have noticed alot of the younger guys are only out for themselves. They try to show off, they dont pass, and when they score they are obnoxious about it. I try to stay away from these players. Most of the guys 24+ are mature enough to know better and I notice they just play for the love of the game

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