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So i got a little carried away with a defence of downtown and decided turn it into sort of a brief synopsis of the core/urban residential areas of winnipeg.

"Business Downtown"
: If your between main, osborn, assiniboine, and portage, Your fine, i don't know how long ago the "downtowns dangerous" people were in that area but i'me frequently down there (and late) and rarely have any problems save for in front of the vendor on main(winntoba or something like that? sketchy place, harmless drunks for the most part but alittle abrasive).

The Exchange district is the historic area, roughly running from north of portage, east of ellen, and south of james your fine as well (never been around china town late, so not sure if theres a drastic change in saftey in the two blocks from the kingshead) and it is by and large the most aesthetically pleasing section of the city with lots of cool loft condos (no idea on price), and good restaurants.

Westbroadway/Wolsely If your west of osborn and south of broadway...that's pretty good. students and hippies mostly in that area, but there is some "unsavorys" around due to the sherby and close proximity to the sketchy Westbroadway(though i've never heard of a reported incident south of broadway in recent memory, north of broadway is a different story), but it's a pretty neat community. Some parts are little rough, and the nice parts are more family oriented so probably not so much what the OP's after.

if your west of the exchange and north of portage....that's sketchy.

If your north of the exchange.....that's sketchy.

If your west of osborne and north of broadway...that's sketchy.

Other nearby good spots to live:

Osborne: By far the place with the most support on here and with good reason. A very vibrant urban community, lots of young people, lots of pubs and restraunts. Spent two years living in this area, it's a lot of a fun if your an urbanite who enjoys being out and about. For 250 000 believe it or not, you could actually by a decent sized two story house in this area(at least my friend was able to last year). You'll easily get a nice condo for that kind of coin.

Wellington Crescent Just a street not an area, it runs west of osborn and bends along corydon. It's a very nice place to live, again some very nice condo's and conversions (huge old houses converted to condos/apartments) but fairly expensive.

West of Osborne this is the other restaurant/shop/pub street. Also a very desirable location. If i have one knock on it, most of the apartment blocks actually on corydon are pretty uninspired and overpriced. North of corydon does have some cool old building though.

St boniface Old Saint Boniface is the French district of Winnipeg. It's just across the river from the forks and is also a very cool little cultural spot. French language skills are not a necessity though would probably let you appreciate it more. A number of cool little streets in this area house neat restraunts and pubs and its quite close to downtown. You can definitely buy a medium (depending on your opinion of medium) house here for that price.

If your looking for somewhere close to downtown, these are the areas I (as a fellow early twenties "professional") would be looking to land.

The concerns of downtown though sometimes justified, are often overblown. their are far fewer stabbings,muggiesn, jumpings, etc in the downtown core then people seem to think, and these are far more likely to happen in the poor residential areas then downtown.

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