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06-01-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by codeman00 View Post
Every time I see a picture of Rads, I immediately have negative thoughts now. He's such a wild card. I'm not sure any of us know the full extent of the rule breaking, but it ended up being a huge deal and could have cost us getting into the 3rd round or even into the finals. I'm a newer fan and don't have the history with him like most of you when he left for the I've only really been burnt once by him. I personally think we can bring him back for the right price...but the first thing he needs to do is SINCERELY apologize to all of the fans that he let down BOTH times. In that apology, he needs to promise that it won't happen again and then he needs to bust his butt all year to show us that he's serious. I'd be fine with giving him another chance if he did that.

But the real question is how the rest of the team feels about him. Weber seems pretty ticked off at him and I could tell that Rads didn't have a lot of friends at the last practice. Can the team get past what Rads or AK did? That's probably the real question. If I was on the team, I'm not sure I could forgive him unless a SINCERE apology happens (see above).
he missed curfew by an hour.

is that enough to throw out the most talented guy you've ever drafted?


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