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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Whoever tells you Downtown is dangerous doesn't know downtown. I have lived right across from the forks for over a year and it's been awesome! Don't be afraid to live downtown at all, it`s growing and becoming more populated by the month. There are great places to go, lots of clubs within walking distance, restaraunts galore and fantastic river paths and other amenities.

If you are zeroing in on a place and need some advice, feel free to PM me and I will be more than willing to tell you what I know about it.

Welcome to Winnipeg. Hope you love it as much as many of us do.
Yeah I'll have to echo the downtown sentiments, I live downtown and I really like it, also good as a STH as my building is connected to the skywalk. No extra parking costs, leave my jacket at home, even sometimes have time to run back to my place for a washroom break. Also for the danger, I've never had any issue and I am outside past sundown frequently. It's a stereotype that downtown is dangerous, it really isn't.

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