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06-01-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Dikkens View Post
Some older guys get mad at me because I play hard. Im a 22 year old rec player. I have nothing to prove to anybody, but no matter what level of play (even pickup) I'm always competing. Im not a *********, I dont even celebrate when I score. I just play hard. Some guys yell at me when they get outplayed or outworked but I dont think thats my fault

I have noticed alot of the younger guys are only out for themselves. They try to show off, they dont pass, and when they score they are obnoxious about it. I try to stay away from these players. Most of the guys 24+ are mature enough to know better and I notice they just play for the love of the game
It is not. Nothing wrong with competing hard. (Coming from a 25 year old who does the same.)

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