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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
I realize he's played a full season. He got injured during the most important part of the season. What good is it? This isn't a one time thing with this guy...

You do know about him right? or did you just start following the team when we went on an extended playoff run?

in his 10 nhl seasons: 71,78,81,65,65,48,76,62,82,17 GP

more than half have been spent missing considerable time. I'm not doubting his heart or his ability. I just don't think he fits this team's personality anymore. In, fact he couldn't be a worse fit.

If Havlat and Heatley can be moved, so can Gaborik.
LOL thats really sums up what i think about your post.

more then half of his 10 years in the league has been spent missing time?not according to the numbers you posted.what i see is a guy whos averaged at least 60+ games over his career.the number would be even higher if he didnt miss 34 games 1 year and 65 another year.

but thats the hfboards way,everyone wants to dwell on the negative and post stats to justify their argument.

considering hes spent half his career"nursing injuries" in your own words,hes put up some pretty damn good numbers during that time.

but lets dump him now while hes value couldnt possibly be lower because he doesnt fit in a system he just scored 40 plus goals in in 2 out of 3 seasons

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