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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
I'm a HUGE Isle's fan, and even bigger Potvin fan, but I can't put him higher than Lidstrom. C'mon, SEVEN Norris Tropies, 7 ! I think he has 3 or 4 Cups. I'd rank them as follows


And then you have to decide where the old timers fit. But those top 5 belong in the top 10.

Potvin was ferocious and probably a better offensive defenseman than Lidstrom, but Lidstrom was like a robot, almost never made a mistake defensively, yet still scored over 1000 points. Plus 7 Norris Trophies are second all time to Orr. Amazing. Love Potvin, but Lidstrom was better (IMHO).
That is a good way to summarize his style. When #5 had the puck, it was almost a comforting feeling for Detroit fans.

The Potvin vs Lidstrom debate is definitely a tough one. As you mentioned, two radically different styles that were both extremely effective. I always admired to Lidstrom's ability to calm an attack and effortlessly transition his team. However, Potvin's sheer nastiness and wreckingball play made him an anchor on our blueline.

Career: Lidstrom by a slight, slight margin.
Peak: Potvin

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