Thread: Salary Cap: $70.3 Million for 2012-13
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06-01-2012, 12:11 PM
Pepe Silvia
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lol man, you need to chill out. if you can prove that rocky was dead set on airing home games on tv, then i'll be convinced.

based on what i've read, mcdonough deserves the credit and is the one who convinced rocky to show home games.

no where did i ever state that i dislike rocky. i'm grateful for everything he's done. i'm aware of how much he spends. i said bill was the cheap POS, not rocky.

i didn't realize you were butt buddies with rocky. you need to learn that not everyone is gonna agree with what you say on every thread....

calling people idiots for not believing everything you say is childish. you on the dot or something?

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